Marvelous Slow Loris Sculpture by Jessica Joslin

Slow Loris Sculpture by Jessica Joslin

It’s been almost two years since our almost-unbearably cute friend, the Slow Loris, last graced this blog. That’s because it turned out some stupid humans were doing no-good stupid human things with Slow Lorises. Recently, Jessica Joslin, who is most certainly not one of those aforementioned kinds of humans, revealed a tiny and tasteful tribute. Her Slow Loris sculpture is both cute and cultivated; it’s beautiful and majestic. I want that Slow Loris, and I’d promise not to tickle it. I asked Joslin if she’d comment on the state of our Loris friends. She said:

There are awful things happening to countless species as a result of illegal trade in exotic pets. It’s truly heartbreaking. If you know of any organizations that help lorises, please send me links. The Duke Lemur Center is doing some great work in terms of education and rehabilitation. :) As a side note, this skull is a replica, as are all endangered and threatened species represented in my work.

Amazing ethics and amazing replicating skills. Anybody know of any PRO-LORIS organizations?

Slow Loris Sculpture (in progress) by Jessica Joslin

Also, while I’ve got your attention: Joslin drop word that she’d be interested in doing stop motion movies with her character sculptures if the right grant were to come her way. So, you know, just putting that out there…

Slow Loris Sculpture (in progress) by Jessica Joslin