Culinary Alchemy & Brain Matter

Culinary Alchemy Brain Sandwich by Sara Asnaghi

Italian conceptual designer and sculptor Sara Asnaghi just taught me a new name for the genre I’ve been calling “edible art“: culinary alchemy. It has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it? Asnaghi sculpts 6.7 x 4.7-inch brains using organic materials like sugar, coffee and hemp. She titles the series of brains as a question: What Have You Got in Your Head? Right now, my head is full of respect for her innovative use of these non-traditional mediums.

Culinary Alchemy Sushi Brain by Sara Asnaghi

It occurs to me that Asnaghi’s work is perfect for those people who want to try out the zombie lifestyle, but can’t quite commit to being dead. Bake up a brain for dinner! Oh, I’ve got it! How rad would it be if Asnaghi made an edition of molds and called them “brain pans” (as in skulls)?  I’ll be here all night, folks. These are wonderful though.