A “Delicious Mess” by Desire Obtain Cherish

A "Delicious Mess" by Desire Obtain CherishOne of my favorite fabrication artists, Julie B and Pretty in Plastic, posted photos of this “delicious mess” executed for Desire Obtain Cherish. As you can see, a lot of handcrafting goes into pieces like this. The pink melting ice cream cone will be on display on May 13th at the grand opening of LA’s Lab Art Gallery.

A "Delicious Mess" by Desire Obtain Cherish

The new space promises itself to be “the largest art gallery in the nation dedicated to street art. Spanning 6,500 square feet of space…Drawn from the street art movement, the Grand Opening Reception exhibition bringing together approximately 300 works, by over 30 artists—both recognized names as well as up‐and‐comers.”

A "Delicious Mess" by Desire Obtain CherishI hope the exhibition is still up when I’m down in LA next month to judge the TAG resin show, with, in a moment of convergence, Julie B (shown above).