Art is Dead Print by Jermaine Rogers

Art is Dead print by James Jarvis

Jermaine Rogers is releasing a new art print entitled “Art is Dead,” and  I love a good paradox. Here’s Jermaine:

So we have this lovely trinity: Vincent, Edvard’s screaming protagonist, and Andy, leering out at us from mouth of eternity, imploring us to keep thinking and making. They stumble through the wasteland, the walking dead, reminding those of us in the land of the living that the clock on the wall is making fun of us all…

I prefer to think that art is very much alive (and so, I suppose, does the anonymous buyer who purchased a pastel version of The Scream for $120 million last May), but Roger’s print depicts an interesting and thought-provoking art triumvirate. The signed and numbered 26″ x 24″ Art is Dead prints are available in an edition of 50 for $50 each through the artist’s website today, January 24th at 12PM PST. An edition of 20 signed and numbered prints on holographic rainbow foil for $100 each will also be available at that time.