M&Ms Are Spot-On for Damien Hirst’s Dots

Henry Hargreaves

The art world is a bit dotty these days, what with Yayoi Kusama in Australia and England and Damien Hirst everywhere else.

Henry Hargreaves

Artist Henry Hargreaves, who you may recall from his Food of the Rainbow series, wanted in on the action. So he recreated Hirst’s work…using M&Ms. Writes Hargreaves:

“Right now the artist Damien Hirst is having a worldwide retrospective of his Dot paintings at every Gagosian gallery around the world. I have always been fascinated by this guy’s work and that border of what is and isn’t considered ‘Art.’ I decided to recreate some of his dot paintings made from M&Ms. At a distance they look just like his works, but at closer inspection the iconic ‘M’ is visible on each dot.”

I say it’s pretty SPOT ON!

Henry Hargreaves

My Modern Met

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