LOVE MOVEMENT x Kickstarter Wall

New People gave Shin Tanaka several walls on which to paint, but perhaps none was more personal than the Kickstarter wall.

I used Kickstarter to raise money for Shin & Nao’s travel expenses for the show, and on December 10th, with many thanks to you, we reached our funding goal. It makes me feel so good that people care about making art events happen. We actually were overfunded, which means that even with Kickstarter and Amazon taking fees, I can still do a bank transfer to Shin for the full $3,000. This amount pays for Shin & Nao’s international flight and accommodations in San Francisco. THANK YOU! Now let’s do it again and fly them back…

Through Kickstarter, we offered a variety of tiered rewards, including paper toy downloads, digital drawings, T-shirts, customized vinyl toys and the opportunity to have your name (and your love’s name) painted live on the gallery wall by Shin.

Those who pledged $100 and up got this very special reward. All kinds of love connections were represented: couples straight and gay, parents, grandparents, grandkids…one person elected to send out a general message of “Kanpai Kanpals”.

Shin signed toys in front of the Kickstarter wall.

Here, Shin and Nao pose with the completed Kickstarter wall. The wall will be on display for the entire duration of the show (through January 16th), so come check it out. The writing on the wall is actually a nice gold metallic best seen in person! Click through for hi-resolution images of each pairing of names. If one of these is you, they makes a great signature file or holiday card. Just saying!