Graphic Attack: Graffiti and Design Group Art Show

Graphic Attack

If one piece at Graphic Attack could speak for the entire show, it’s the mural outside 1AM SF by Queen Andrea that says “San Fran….NYC..AOK.” Ironically, just a few hours after (and a bridge away from) Friday night’s opening, I came across this piece at Rob Bowen’s Magnanimous show in Oakland:  a reminder of where east vs. west coast beefs can lead.

Mural by Cope for Graphic Attack

There was a good vibe in the gallery, or as my more urban friends might say, “it was poppin’”. For some gallery-goers and street artists,  seeing graffiti framed, arranged and hanged on pristine museum-like walls for the first time can be a confusing experience. The 1AM SF crew (props to Dan, Anna and Roman) and curator Queen Andrea did an excellent job of blending the two worlds.

Art by Queen Andrea for Graphic Attack

I enjoyed this wall by Queen Andrea. While I was viewing the work, feeling like the whitest guy in the house, I paused to do a quick twitpic of her “Hot and Flashy” canvas.

Greg Haberny for Graphic Attack

I spent a while taking in all of the components of this wall by Greg Haberny. There’s some clever work here. Apparently, you may find some of Greg’s installations on NY streets…

Morning Breath for Graphic Attack

Being a writer (pen and paper, not can and street), I always appreciate the use of text and fonts in the works of Morning Breath. They had a few silkscreen prints for sale, too.

Cycle for Graphic Attack

Cycle is another artist for whom Graphic Attack acted as my introduction. I like what he’s doing with color and collage.  Click through for some of the usual suspects (ie. Shepard Fairey) and a few more of the pieces that caught my eye. A handful more images from the show will be up on this Street Art Flickr Collection. If you’re in the area, the show is up at 1AM SF through June 19th. Check it out.

Shepard Fairey for Graphic Attack

Pure for Graphic Attack

Hydro74 for Graphic Attack

KEO for Graphic Attack

Cope subway maps for Graphic Attack

mare139 for Graphic Attack

Doze Green for Graphic Attack
Queen Andrea Mural for Graphic Attack