Domo Graffiti in San Francisco

Domo Graffiti in San Francisco

In the perennial pissing match that pits cities against each other toward a highly subjective judgment of which one is the best, I pose this question: Does YOUR city have a wall with a giant graffiti Domo?

Domo Invasion!

If your answer is no, and you live on the west coast, there’s hope for you yet. According to Domo’s Official Facebook Page, the Japanese mascot is in our midst. We happened to drive by this completed mural in San Francisco yesterday on Mission at 9th. I couldn’t find a credit for the talented street artist, but props go out to him for incorporating imagery of the iconic Golden Gate Bridge into Domo’s tag!

Domo Wall in San Francisco

If you’re in the San Francisco Bay Area, go see the Domo graffiti. You’ll know you’re in the right place if you’re roughly opposite this creepy mannequin store.

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