Birding with Lou Pimentel

Bird paintings by Lou Pimentel for The Art Hustle

One of the coolest aspects of The Art Hustle trading cards is that, along with variants and autographs, each pack may contain an original art card by an artist in the series. As the Cardhacks gear up to release Series 3 (full roster/info here), artists are putting the final touches on their sketch cards.

Lou Pimentel's card for Art Hustle Series 3
Lou Pimentel’s card for Art Hustle Series 3

Two weeks back, New York-based artist, Lou Pimentel, used Instagram to crowd-source names of different kinds of birds. Today, he completed his 30th card-sized bird painting, with the Temmincks Tragopan, a type of pheasant.

Pimentel’s original watercolor birds will be randomly inserted into wax packs of The Art Hustle series 3. Such commitment! Such talent! I’m honored to be a part of this amazing series.

The Shoebill by Lou Pimentel
The Shoebill

These are too sweet to only virtually exist in the Instagram microcosm. Click through for a few more of my favorites from Lou’s little birds.

White Faced Whistling Duck by Lou Pimentel
White Faced Whistling Duck
Love Bird by Lou Pimentel
Love Bird
Bare-Eyed Pigeon by Lou Pimentel
Bare-Eyed Pigeon
Temmincks Tragopan by Lou Pimentel
Temmincks Tragopan
Whiskered Treeswift bird art
Whiskered Treeswift