Vegan Thug Life = Thug Kitchen

Thug Kitchen tumblr Vegan Thug Life

I needed this. (The green juice and the laugh.) is real talk, vegan-style. And it is hilarious. For further proof that vegans are hardcore, revisit their vegetable tattoos.

Broccoli MRI

If this animated gif isn’t moving, click on it. It’s an MRI of a fucking floret of broccoli, son!

Broccoli contains a fucking ridiculously high amount of potassium, which maintains a boss nervous system and keeps your brain at the top of it’s game.

Basically, someone brought broccoli into a radiology lab and magnetically imaged it. Moments like this don’t come around often, so remember where you were when you saw it, OK? [Bonus: everything I’ve ever written about broccoli.]

Thug Kitchen tumblr Vegan Thug Life

Apologies go out to my mom for the strong language in this post. It’s just so darn funny! Thanks to Gabe for the linkage. I’m still laughing. (I like to think that Martha Stewart is behind this blog, and she’s dropping the knowledge bombs and lingo she learned in jail.)

Thug Kitchen tumblr Vegan Thug Life