New Wave and Goth Pinball Games from Argentina

If you thought Roman Polanski and Woody Allen were odd bedfellows for pinball game toys, things are about to get even stranger. (And by “stranger,” I mean “more awesome”.)

Once again, we refer to the spectacular and confounding collection of pinball games from Argentina offered on eBay by morethantazos:

This kind of toy has been made in our country for a long time. They were used in several ways: Gumball and cereal premiums. Gifts for birthday parties. Funfair prizes, and gifts at small circuses.

Nothing says “good morning” like opening your cereal box to find a spinning top emblazoned with Joy Division’s Ian Curtis (who had epilepsy and later hung himself).

Joy Division top

Looking through these games, many questions are left unanswered:

  • What’s the Age of Consent to play the Bronski Beat pinball game?
  • Who precisely comprises the target audience for a Cocteau Twins pinball game?
  • Does anyone else remember The Bolshoi or Sigue Sigue Sputnik?
  • When the Argentinians made the Dead or Alive spinning top, did they pat themselves on the back because of Dead or Alive’s biggest hit (“You Spin Me Round”)? Do Argentinians like puns?
  • Were Alien Sex Fiend and Xmal Deutschland big in Argentina?
  • Is any of this stuff really licensed, vintage product? And does it even matter?

It doesn’t matter to me. I’m just glad someone out there can play pinball with The Smiths.

Smiths pinball

Rings go for $5.99, spinning tops go for $14.99, pinball toy games go for $19.99 and “special” premium toys like Trouble, Tic-Tac-Toe and Dominoes are $39.99 here. Please click through for a colossal curated gallery of my favorites.