New Haroshi Skateboards, Cats and Sunglasses

Haroshi's Virtual Reality at Jonathan Levine Gallery with Haroshi Skateboards

Japanese skateboard sculptor/recycler, Haroshi, (previously here and here) opens a new show at New York’s Jonathan LeVine Gallery next weekend on Saturday, January 12th. The exhibition will include skateboard and cat iconography in the form of wood sculptures, plus an edition of 100 handmade Haroshi skateboards!

Haroshi skateboards

Haroshi has said:

If there are tricks that are hard to pull off, eventually you can land them after practicing a lot and not giving up. I learned a lot from skateboarding, but most importantly, it was the whole mentality of ‘Do It Yourself’… and of course I definitely don’t forget the humor and fun behind it all.

Haroshi skateboards

Haroshi recently designed a pair of signature Sunhaters sunglasses for Glassy.

It’s true that skate decks are more often than not viewed as not useful anymore, but there’s true potential in making the skateboards into something beautiful again.

There you go: A) Skatedecks look good on trucks. B) Skatedecks look good on sunglasses. C) Skatedecks look good on cats. D) All of the above.

Haroshi x Glassy Sunhaters