Figment Art Multiple by Brendan Monroe

Figment by Brendan Monroe

Complexity art fans and sofubi collectors will meet somewhere in the middle with Figment, Brendan Monroe‘s first vinyl toy since 2005′s Sours. After breaking the news, DKE’s Sarah Jo went on a whirlwind media tour showcasing the white Figment test-pull (below).

Brendan Monroe's Figment (test pull) on Toy Break

Above, you can get a real sense of the figure’s size as Sarah Jo clasps her hands and prays that it won’t fall off Ayleen Gaspar’s shoulder. Figment measures 12 inches tall and was produced in Japanese vinyl by Grody Shogun. It will be available during Comic-Con at DKE’s booth #4728 in an edition of 50 opaque blue pieces and 50 opaque red pieces for $120 each. (I look forward to seeing someone pick up two and pose them on each shoulder like a conscience saying “You just spent $240 on toys!” “Yeah, but they’re art toys!”) On Saturday, July 14th at 3PM, Brendan Monroe will drop by the booth to sign stuff. Awesome!

Brendan Monroe Upcoming Edition