Damien Hirst’s £350 Spotty Rubbish Bin

Damien Hirst Spot-Painted VIPP Trash Can

It’s been almost a year since VIPP‘s “Copenhagen Green” trashcans and toilet brushes became the first objects of their kind to grace this website. Now, the Danish company is collaborating with British artist Damien Hirst on a crossover can. The garbage can, or “rubbish bin” as they say in the UK, continues along in Mr. Hirst’s familiar spotty style. For $588.95, you can ditch your detritus in a dumpster designed by Britain’s richest living artist! While it initially irritated me that the spots don’t line up, I then realized such seamlessness would be the purview of a $600 receptacle, rather than a mere ~ $589 jobbie. So purchase yours with an authentic printed signature here, but don’t you DARE throw your coffee grounds inside! That shit is compostable, and does this look like a compost bin to you? We wouldn’t want Hirst getting all KAWSY about how you use his art