Empower Your Décolletage With China Knuckles

China Knuckles by Juliet Ames

Juliet Ames is a Baltimore-based crafter who has been breaking plates and turning the ‘wreckage’ into art since 2006. China Knuckles, which combine the implied violence of brass knuckles and the classic elegance of vintage china, were a logical followup.

China Knuckles by Juliet Ames

Ames says there are two common reactions to the China Knuckles: “OMG! That is awesome!” or “I don’t get it.” To the latter, she responds:

Let me assure you that there is really nothing to get. They are not some sort of political statement about feminism or violence against women, as some have inferred. China Knuckles are just meant as an ironic art piece that also functions as conversation starting jewelry.

They’re there just for the art of it.

China Knuckles by Juliet Ames

Also, they help fight cancer:

Although cast from actual brass knuckles, these won’t do you much good in a street fight. They will, however, help raise funds to kick cancer’s ass. I was recently really touched when a woman bought a pair for a friend who was fighting cancer, as a symbolic weapon of her fight. She wore them to chemotherapy. Because of them, 10% from each sale will be donated to The Cancer Research Institute.


China Knuckles by Juliet Ames

Empower your décolletage with China Knuckles. China Knuckles art objects go for $30-$55 and wearable China Knuckles for $40 here. Also, check out what else Ames breaks and makes on etsy.

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