From Taste Buds to Ear Drums: Nutella Audio Speakers

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Ferrero x colette Nutella bluetooth audio speakers

Holy popjects, Batman! You know how people say chocolate and peanut butter are terrific together? Well, they speak the truth. But did you ever imagine chocolate + music? And not just when you’re stoned and not just any chocolate, but Nutella, The Original Hazelnut Spread® “that moms can serve as part of a balanced breakfast”. Let’s face it: French moms have always understood the sanctity of snacking on chocolate spread, so it makes perfect sense that France’s colette (in their 2nd appearance this week) would be the exclusive stockist of these Ferrero x Nutella bluetooth audio speakers.

Ferrero x colette Nutella bluetooth audio speakers

Let’s recap: this is a functional audio speaker that looks exactly like a jar of Nutella, and it comes in a gift set with “4 ‘Nutellini,’ adorable mini-jars of Nutella with colored lids”. The Boombox Nutella is available exclusively through colette for $55 here.

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