Sideways Toy by Yoskay Yamamoto

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Sideways toy by Yoskay Yamamoto x Mighty Jaxx

It’s been about 5 years since artist Yoskay Yamamoto released his beautiful Koibito art toys in editions that, by today’s truncated toyconomics, seem massive (500 – 1000 pieces). Clearly a fan of the medium, Yamamoto returns to toys with Sideways, a limited edition wood-and-resin follow-up to the Koibito (and also Screaming for the Sunrise) vinyls.

Sideways by Yoskay Yamamoto

You may remember Sideways from Yamamoto’s fantastic 2012 sculpture show, Jokes on Me (above).

Sideways toy by Yoskay Yamamoto x Mighty Jaxx

Yamamoto teamed up with Singapore’s Might Jaxx to reproduce Sideways as a wood (head) and resin (body) art multiple in an edition of 200 pieces. It measures 4″ x 7″ x 4″ and is available now for $85 (+$25-$45 international shipping) here.

Sideways toy by Yoskay Yamamoto x Mighty Jaxx

Check out Yoskay Yamamoto’s Sideways hanging with James Jarvis’ God of Animation from Mighty Jaxx’s Facebook page. Nice! And if you like that God of Animation, you might appreciate this one I recently tatted up for my friends’ wedding. Have a great weekend!

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